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The News Line: News Hackney students support WRP’s Leff
WRP candidate JONTY LEFF (right) talking to students at Hackney Community College who were all determined to fight against the cuts to their college and get rid of all university fees
STUDENTS at Hackney Community College in Shoreditch, east London joined the campaign yesterday to elect Workers Revolutionary Party candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch Jonty Leff.

They were determined to fight against the cuts to their college, to end all university fees and were inspired by the policies of the WRP to get rid of capitalism and fight for a socialist future.

Mia Holwell, studying music production, said: ‘We have recently moved colleges. Our previous college was situated in Stratford in east London, in the middle of a building site. The area was getting redeveloped and our college was just one block in the middle of a construction site. We did not have a canteen or proper facilities and equipment.

‘The staff were good, they were just trying their best to deal with what they had despite the cuts. It is ridiculous and unfair that the Tories are cutting funds for education. We are the future, we need education and we have a right to it. Lecturers are not paid enough. Some lecturers have two jobs and sometimes they will miss a class because they have had to go to their second job just to make ends meet.

‘I joined the Workers Revolutionary Party because all the political parties and the system are run by the same people and it is not going to change without a revolution.
‘This is why I support candidate Jonty Leff.’

Matthew Wills, also doing music production added: ‘Tuition fees for university is something that I feel very strongly about. I think that everyone should be entitled to have their education without being set back so many years because of the debt. University must be free, that is why I am supporting Jonty Leff. I do not know why the government wants to suppress our contribution to society.

‘Theresa May must be kicked out. She has taken a lot of money out of everyone’s pockets. The reason why I do not follow politics so much is that the change that politicians make has not made actual change. We need an actual change outside of the political system. The public has to have a say in what happens in their lives and in their wallets.

‘I joined the Workers Revolutionary Party because everyone must come out on strike together and bring a halt to their system. We need a general uprising and not just in this country, but in other countries as well. The public have to take charge and take the power.’


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