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The News Line: News
‘WE ARE WILLING TO NEGOTIATE WITH MAY’ says McDonnell LABOUR’S Shadow Chancellor told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show yesterday that he is part of a movement in parliament to take Brexit ‘out of her (PM May’s) hands’ and prevent a ‘no deal Brexit’.
The News Line: News
‘Yellow Vests who have lost eyes and limbs demand justice’ TENS OF thousands of ‘Yellow Vest’ demonstrators took part in anti-government protests across France on Saturday. Police used tear gas against them in streets across the country for the 14th consecutive weekend.
The News Line: News
‘Grenfell must never happen again’ – 500-strong Silent Walk OVER 500 residents of north Kensington taking part in the 20th Silent Walk for Grenfell were joined by a large delegation of firefighters from the FBU Southeast region, from Oxford, and Hereford and south Wales.
The News Line: News
No deal on March 29 means leaving the EU says Brexit Secretary Barclay THE UK will be leaving the EU with no deal on March 29th if there are not sufficient changes to the backstop and any amendments passed to rule out no deal are trumped by the fact that it is legislated that the UK will leave, Stephen Barclay, Tory Secretary for Exiting the EU confirmed yesterday, re-opening the debate on the EU Withdrawal Motion.
The News Line: News
‘HONOUR THE GUARD GUARANTEE!’ – RMT challenges South Western THE RMT has launched a direct challenge to South Western Railway to honour the guard guarantee on their trains. It wants a ‘yes or no’ answer to the question of whether or not they are prepared to give a cast-iron guarantee that every train will run with a guard on board, in addition to the driver.
The News Line: News
Uni wages strike ballots UCU members at Coventry University are being balloted for industrial action in a row over pay. The ballot opened yesterday and closes on Tuesday 5 March. Members are being asked to back both strike action and action short of a strike, which could see them boycott a controversial new appraisal system.



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Thursday, 14 February 2019
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Thursday, 31 January 2019

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